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The Civic Design Review (CDR) board’s pusillanimity was on full display Tuesday, as board members fumed against the largely unchanged plans for a pair of high-rise residences proposed for 23rd and Arch Streets. CDR panned the planned design at last month’s meeting, forcing developer PMC Property... continue reading >>>
Before design community, chief of new Department of Planning & Development charts course ahead for Philly’s real estate development Read the full article The myriad departments overseeing property development in Philadelphia have acted like islands, marooned on different floors of government... continue reading >>>
PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: DAG FELLOW   The Design Advocacy Group (DAG) seeks a highly motivated individual for challenging part-time employment as the DAG Fellow, a communications and administrative coordinator.   Position description The DAG Fellow will... continue reading >>>
We would like to thank all who entered the "At Home in a Rowhouse: A 21st Century Rowhouse Design Competition" for innovations on one of Philadelphia's most iconic buildings: the rowhouse. Congratulations to CM(SE)X(Y)-1 by Chris Mulford and Lindsay Rule, as well as FLEXIBLE HOUSE by Uk Jung who... continue reading >>>
Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, September 4, 2016. p. C4 COMMENTARY A plea to preserve key facets of gem that is Jewelers Row David B. Brownlee and George Claflen   Jewelers Row on Sansom Street, between Seventh and Eighth Streets, in Center City. Surely there is away to protect it. MICHAEL... continue reading >>>
A well-illuminated bridge can be an inspiring nighttime sight, and the nationally recognized Schuylkill River Trail provides some striking examples. The taut, riveted steel beneath JFK Boulevard contrasts with the glowing, classical mass of 30th Street Station. The white and blue reflections in the... continue reading >>>
DAGspace articles express the opinions of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Design Advocacy Group. Not enough gratitude is given to our returning military veterans—volunteers who left their stateside positions to serve their country. It is heartbreaking to see them... continue reading >>>
Philadelphia Inquirer Monday, May 4, 2015 p. A14 online at http://www.philly.com/philly/opinion/20150504_A_transformed_city__by_des... Today's Philadelphia story is a tale of two cities. In recent years, Center City and nearby areas have been transformed, but we remain the poorest of American... continue reading >>>
  An Agenda for Design and Planning in Philadelphia Design Advocacy Group of Philadelphia April 7, 2015 George Claflen David Brownlee Kiki Bolender I. INTRODUCTION -- “BOTH -AND” NOT “EITHER -OR” Philadelphia is hot again. Young professionals want to be here, retired professionals want to be... continue reading >>>
Revisioning Schuylkill Banks and the Lower Schuylkill River by Sean O'Rourke, AIA   Prelude I went to Copenhagen on vacation not too long ago and while walking around the city it was difficult not to interact with its waterways. I found canals lined with houseboats in the residential... continue reading >>>