Next Meeting

The August 6 program will focus on the Philadelphia Housing Authority's gigantic
redevelopment proposal for the Sharswood neighborhood in lower North
Philadelphia, located near the former Norman Blumberg Housing Project. DAG is
interested in the design issues related to large public initiatives -- and this
project has plenty: urban design, housing policy, historic preservation -- along
with eminent domain, HUD funding, and real estate market behavior.

The program will feature a presentation on the project by Michael Johns, AIA
LEED AP, who is the PHA's Senior Executive Vice President for Capital Projects
and Development. We will also have a slide show prepared by the Young Friends
of the Preservation Alliance based upon a walk of the neighborhood.  Following
the presentations, discussion will be moderated by DAG Vice Chair George
Claflen, FAIA.

DAG has taken no position on this project, but it has already become the subject
of controversy, as discussed in Sandy Smith's two articles in Philadelphia
Also recommended is Jared Brey's report in PlanPhilly, with links to five other
informative articles:


1218 Arch Street Center for Architecture

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